Wednesday, December 2, 2009

98. Soulja Boy: Crank That (Soulja Boy)

Found on: Souljaboytell' (2007)
Picked by: KT

The second song in a row to mention Superman, and the second with nearly indecipherable lyrics. To truly measure the impact of Crank That, you would have to travel back with me to a middle school dance two years ago and witness the sheer pandemonium that erupted when this song came on. Its popularity certainly wasn't hurt by the fact that it had its own built-in, easy-to-replicate dance.


  1. HORRIBLE SONG! Disgrace to hip-hop lovers everywhere. Absolutely no meaning to it. The song is about how awesome Soulja Boy THINKS he is. No body fuckin cares bro. Write some real shit, get some real fans.

  2. An amazing song you both can eat shit

  3. Found this trap pack , what do u think is it a good choice for producer?