Wednesday, December 2, 2009

92. Owl City: Fireflies

Found on: Ocean Eyes (2009)
Picked by: PA

The success of Owl City highlights the ways the music industry has changed and why the old business model needs to go out the window. Owatonna, Minnesota native Adam Young recorded some songs in his basement, put them on the Internet, and built a fanbase through word of mouth. Fireflies went to #1 on the Billboard charts for two weeks in November while at the same time being available as a free single-of-the-week on iTunes, and still posted for free listens on Owl City's MySpace page (it currently has 17 MILLION plays). It certainly helps that Young has a knack for a pop melody and composition, a dreamy singing voice akin to Death Cab for Cutie / Postal Service frontman Ben Gibbard, and boyish good looks.

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